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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: Oh God, not another pointless Azumanga video!
  • Premiered: 2006-05-25
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    • System of a Down Psycho
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  • Comments: Made with Windows Movie Maker.

    The original title of this was Those girls are psycho, but I think this one fit better...

    This is just a short stupid little video that I made. I got bored in a couple of spots, and you can tell where.

    I don't expect to get more than 3 stars for this. It's kinda crappy, but it fit the anime well. But then again, this combo might have been done a billion times before.

    Zarxrax is the creator of wonderful AMV's like AMV Hell by the way. He features Azumanga a lot in his videos. Avoid watching this crap for the life of you.

    All comments are welcome.

    Quick Comments:

    2007-04-07 21:49:56 How much filler do you really need in a video? ;)
    2007-02-27 00:11:13 After finding that many visitors to our site look for the world's longest run-on sentence we decided to create an entry and our first step in finding the world's longest run-on sentence was to to look up the definition and found that a run-on sentence is a sentence without a punctuation marks where they should be and as a result combining what should be many sentences into one long one which we found after doing some research can be endless and has no clear cut example that we can officially call the world's longest run-on sentence and thus we do not have an answer but we must add that although this is a run-on sentence with quite a few words it is far short of run-on sentences written by people with too much time on their hand and we do not claim this to be the world's longest run-on sentence as all we are stating is that we could not officially find one.
    2006-11-13 15:51:22 pretty good amv interesting and unique in it's own way good job - viper1255
    2006-09-17 21:31:34 little strange
    2006-07-26 18:26:41 some of the slide transitions were rather abrupt
    2006-07-14 18:36:23 That was funny! That is all. U-U

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