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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: The Plagues Revolutions (Director's Cut)
  • Premiered: 2006-05-18
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    • Lord of the Rings Return of the King Trailer Audio
    • Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Trailer
    • prince of Egypt Audio Clip
    • prince of Egypt The Plagues
    • Terminator Audio Clip
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  • Comments: Made with Windows Movie Maker.
    I decided to make THIS the Director's Cut and post another version with just the song as the front Plagues Revolutions.
    Believe it or not, it actually was. And it's not a remake, it's really a whole new video. But I honestly don't expect anyone to get the point of this. I think when you watch you might think, "WTF?!?!" This has two 3 stars so far. And it's so bad because I had such a good feeling about this one. But Windows Movie Maker had to screw me over near the end. I had to clean it up, and I already worked more than I usually do on this AMV. I hope that even if you don't understand this, my effort shows nonetheless.

    Please comment. Comment if you like it. Comment if you don't get it. Comment if you dread this. I think I might make this the 'Director's Cut.' Then put out a version with just the song. I think the video might do better without all of the random audio clips at the beginning. But that's only if the scores on this don't pull up soon. I had a video that started out getting horrible star ratings, but it's the same video that has a 3.9 or higher. But I will only know what you think if you comment. Thanks.

    Seto Kaiba: Moses
    Pharaoh Atem: Rameses (but only because he's a Pharaoh and fit the part)
    Horakhti: Yahweh (why? I thought she fit the part -_-')
    Bakura and Malik: Random voices in the background.
    Anzu and Isis: Sort of Narrators.
    Random Duel Monsters: Locusts
    Dartz Army: The Hoard
    Zorc: The power of the darkness; Yahweh's foe.

    Oh, and if you see Kaiba-kun and you hear speaking but he's not talking, that's Yahweh talking to him....

    The Plagues Revolutions is a whole new experience of the Plagues. I used audio from not only the Prince of Egypt movie, but Lord of the Rings trailer audio and some other random audio. It's also this time a sort of light (Yahweh) vs. dark (Zorc) video. But it's also the normal story of Atem not liking Kaiba.

    But this is not a parody at all. One part might seem like I'm trying to be funny, but I'm not.

    It starts with the development of the darkness and how Moses and Rameses are components of this. Kaiba is chosen this time to not only free the people, but to destroy the darkness. Yahweh tells him to 'become who you were born to be,' in this case it would be Moses.

    Others seem to also know of Kaiba's destiny. They tell him, everything leads to this road. It also refers to the actual video. Especially when it says, 'The end has come' since this is the final version of the Trilogy.

    But why is Horakhti standing in for Yahweh? Especially since I haven't done that in the other two videos? Because THREE persons (in this case the egyptian god cards) merged together to form ONE god. That makes a small reference to the Triune God or Yahweh. So there is some logic behind the madness. Plus, strangely enough it fit the plot.

    Why are Bakura and Malik the little voices at the beginning? Because, I can just see them doing that....

    And what are those voices in Japanese in the background of one part? Don't worry, I translated it for you with fake subs! ^^

    I think that's all you need to know to understand the video.

    See how pointless that was?

    Quick Comments:
    2006-09-10 11:24:08 nice, but gotta even out the volume
    2006-08-01 13:33:07 Hmm...tht LOTR part reminded me of "Lord of the Sennen Ringu"
    2006-07-29 02:52:48 COOL!! me luv!! ^^
    2006-07-02 20:49:06 Actually, this makes a good comedy. It was pretty funny. Nice work on your AMV!

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