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  • Member: sayde
  • Title: Kingdom Hearts2 tribute-Fight for the Heart
  • Premiered: 2006-05-06
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    • Crush 40 Open your Heart
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    Before reading, please note the following.

    I made a 2nd version of this amv. In this version, I managed to crop&stretch every clip to match the same aspect ratio of 720x378 (plus the file size slightly decreased by ~6mb as a result). So if constant changing aspect ratios really bother you, then by all means, I encourage you to download this version instead. It's definately more consistant if anything else.

    You can thank dj_ultima_the_great for getting me to make this 2nd version. Her commentary really pushed me to spend the little extra time to do this. You can download this by clicking on the indirect link located at the bottom of this page.

    what to say, what to say....hmm...

    well, I guess I'll start out by saying that this is probably my most original amv yet. I captured what seemed to be around 97% of the footage and ripped the other 3 percent. I also managed to put some heavy focus into lyrical sync as well as action sync this time around too--something I've VERY proud of. I'd also like to say that I think much of my footage is original in the sense that many people haven't used some of the clips that I did. The song's not completely overused either (thank god).

    This amv truly is "action packed". Probably even more so than many FF7AC amv's believe it or not. And to top it off, I managed to put some substance in there through the lyrical sync. I'm extremely happy with the outcome of this amv. Of course, this doesn't mean I'm oblivious to it's flaws as well. So I guess I'll say what few flaws there are (from my point of view) now and get it over with.

    Yes...I used video game footage. But before you click the back button on your browser, hear me out. I only used the more cinematic parts of the gameplay AND I did my very best to hide things such as health bars, and gauges, etc, to make it feel more like a cut scene than gameplay footage. Believe me when I tell you that it really did work out in the end.

    Here's the downside to it though;
    Some scenes will have an obvious crop to them. In other words, gameplay scenes will have larger black borders than others on the top and bottom of the vid. I did stretch the footage slightly, and I could've simply stretched it all the way to match the aspect ratios of the cut scenes, but then the quality would suffer. So I was stuck between choosing quality over aspect ratios. Apparently in the end, I thought the quality of the footage was more important. The cropped footage isn't all that bad though (IMO). Of course, I'm the one that made the amv so it's easy for me to look over. Take that as you will.

    But if you can get over the cropped footage, and the occasional lock-on icons, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how I managed to combine the gameplay footage this time around.

    I'd also like to let you know that the actual length of the amv is only ~4:30. There's an extra 30 seconds tacked on at the end simply because the song takes an unreasonably long time to fade away. But just keep that in mind so your not waiting to see any extra footage.

    In the end, I'm confident in this amv's action and lyrical sync. My style of amv making revolves around simple but effective, so this doesn't contain any digital effects. (That stuff doesn't seem to work as well in most cases with things like this anyhow.) So I hope you enjoy this. I really did spend some time on this one.

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