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  • Member: fallout161
  • Title: Children of the Night
  • Premiered: 2002-10-19
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    • Danny Elfman Spiderman Main Titles
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  • Comments: I'll be the first to say that I don't like this AMV as much as Angelic Gear Perfect... however, I did only spend 3 nights on it, for a combined total of under 15 hours. Production went a lot faster because I was more familiar with the program, I was using less footage (Blood: The Last Vampire is only around 45 minutes long, and the footage I used is contained in about half of that), and the song just wasn't as versatile as I'd like. I couldn't do much splicing with other songs, because of the nature of the piece, but I did manage to lip-sync to a sample from Juno Reactor's "Children of the Night" from which I chose the title. I played around with audio editing a little.. made a section or two a little louder when it needed to be. I was bored the night after I finished it, so I attached an addendum to the end of the video (That's the Parody part). I'd say the 15 second parody at the end is well worth watching the vid :p Btw... the sound clip at the end comes from a Kenny Roger's parody on MTV's Jackass... I think it was released on MadTV...

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