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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Princess Bride!
  • Premiered: 2006-05-19
  • Categories:
    • Dance
    • Fun
    • Other
  • Song:
    • Kotoko Princess Bride!
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Central, Anime Music Video Contest (2006-05-06)
    • Anime 06, Anime 06 Amv compo (2006-06-30)
  • Comments: I always wanted to make a fanservice video. This was the right time to make one.

    Back in October last year Streicher sent me this song where he wanted to make another fanservice video of and this time other than Ichigo Go! Go! without any holding back. While we talked for a couple of hours, I had this song on a constant loop on my computer without ever getting annoyed but still enjoying it. That song was so awesome that I asked him if I could collaborate on it, and he was like "Sure, why not, but don't hold back either"

    So basicly I started editing a few glimpses in November (the first 10 seconds of video you see now) because I couldn't hold back only listening to the song anymore. It got salled for a bit with our own projects afterwards. As the new year started, I had to make up my mind what to submit to Anime 2006 in Holland. Since their 3 minute rule wouldn't let me submit most of the video ideas I had, this was the only decent idea left. So I asked Streicher again if I could take over that idea, and he gladly permitted me to do it :D

    Working on this was a pink bottle of joy. I never thought choosing scenes could be so distracing, and hard on top of that. I may have an eye for action or dance scenes, but finding cute / ecchi stuff that fits on the rythm and the fast beat of the song was already really hard at times, not to mention making it halfway fit to the lyrics (which I just ignored in many parts >_>). So yeah, the whole video is basicly a random fanservice fest, making the whole thing theme based or storybased would've limited my scene choices way too much destroying the flow.
    Other than Streicher my big inspirator for this video was cyusons Around the M@D, in fact with being the same song artist it has many obvious similarities. This means: I've never done so many visual effects. Star-showers, particles, shining borders, glows, masking, CGs, CGs, CGs.... The video has also a shitload of high-quality scans in it for your viewing pleasure :] Some people said to me it looks like a MAD, however I didn't intend to do that, I was just following my usual style to give the song and the fanservice I love the best justice I could :)

    ! Playback Help !
    The video is encoded with x264, a relatively new codec which was easily twice as efficient in compression as XviD (see the filesizes). To play it back you need either:

    VLC - A standalone player with no requirements for any additional codec. Attention: You have to use version 0.8.4 or higher if you already have VLC, it doesn't work properly in earlier ones.

    CCCP - Consists of the Haali splitter for making the mp4 readable and a special version of the decoder ffdshow for decoding the video. With this you can play the video in any player you want :) I recommend this, however VLC can bring a smoother playback on slower computers.

    Unfortunately x264 takes more processing power to play back. I tried my best to compromise this and it *should* run on a 1000 Mhz processor minimum. If you still can't play it pack properly, then and only then email me for a XviD version, which has a MUCH lower quality.

    Huge thanks to Zarxrax for some great suggestions and of course to to Streicher, without him this wouldn't have been possible :)

    Programs used:
    Sony Vegas Video 6.0 for all of the editing except
    Particle Illusion 3.0 for particle effects in the instrumental scenes, the star shower and artifical snow in one scene
    Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for lots and lots of extraction and rotoscoping
    Macromedia Freehand 10 for some vector objects (not really worth mentioning...)
    Adobe After Effects 6.5 for the ending credits (I 4m s0 l33t)

    Have fun and feel free to enjoy this video in any way :P :P

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