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  • Member: BrennaCeDria
  • Title: Final Fantasy X-2 - Cutie Yuna Flash!
  • Premiered: 2006-05-15
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  • Song:
    • Koda Kumi Cutie Honey
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  • Comments: Just a quick video I've made to have something to do this weekend... Based solely on the idea that "well, all Honey does is change clothes and save the world, and that's about all Yuna does anymore!" while I was half asleep.

    Song: Koda Kumi's version of Cutie Honey
    Video: Final Fantasy X-2
    Software: DVDdecrypter, Nova extractor, PSS Plex, DVD2AVI, Windows Movie Maker

    Now, for some self-critism:
    Things I don't like
    Windows Movie Maker
    Too much Lip Flap
    Multiple spots that just wouldn't sync
    Windows Movie Maker
    Not enough source footage
    Couldn't get Rikku's fight from the concert to fit in to go along with Paine's fight at the concert
    Windows Movie Maker

    Easily the most difficult thing in this video was getting the footage; even when WMM hated me and refused to do anything else for the night the editing was as easy as it can be for so little source footage. Anyway, the video's not meant to be taken seriously, and while it's far from my best at least I can honestly say it's better than my first. (Trust me, you don't want to go looking for it!)

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