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  • Member: Melanchthon
  • Title: Objects of Fixation
  • Premiered: 2006-05-14
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    • Angie Aparo hush
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  • Comments: This video is about Shinji and the women in his life.

    I know 2006 is a little late to be releasing effects-light dramatic Eva vids, but I only got 'The American' last year (inspired by what was until recently only Angie Aparo AMV on the org) and I started planning this vid the moment I heard the song. It's just that perfect for NGE, and my task was only to try and do justice to the song and capture its mood.

    Technical notes

    Series source: Region 1 Platinum (US) plus Region 2 Collection (UK)
    Movie source: Region 2 Renewal (JP)
    Resolution: 640x352 (16:9)

    I was working with the original release DVDs until almost the end of the editing process (I cannot stress how much nicer the movies are on import, both to look at and to work with), so there is no reference to or acknowledgement of the Director's Cut episodes. The video is 25fps despite the predominately NTSC source because I'm a dumbass. It's a long story, but had I been aware of MEP2004's 'save as take' feature the vid would be 23.97 fps as it should be. I also wanted to do this vid as an anamorphic mp4, but since I haven't got the hang of the necessary programs I went the easier 2-pass XviD route. Maybe next time.

    Processing and effects

    The series and the movie were handled differently, partly due to the natures of the sources and partly due to me picking up scripts as I went along. I won't bore you with the details, because you can always ask if you're that interested. :D There's a lot of image manipulation in the vid (mostly masking and rotoscoping), but with one or two exceptions they should go unnoticed by people unfamiliar with the original footage.

    Video notes

    Those of you watching this video who haven't seen Evangelion... Shinji isn't _that_ much of a pervert, but fitting a minute of footage into about five seconds meant I had to make some cuts. It's a seamless cut and it looks as though it could have been taken straight from the source, but it's kind of wrong.

    Warning: This video contains much of the stuff that gives Eva its 15 rating.

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