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  • Member: FurryCurry
  • Studio: Last Pole Studio
  • Title: Questioning Youth
  • Premiered: 2002-10-18
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    • POD Youth of the Nation
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  • Comments: I had the idea for this video while driving home, listening to songs on the just purchased CD for the first time. While listening to Youth of the Nation for a second and third time, quite a few of the lyrics clicked with various anime scenes. The idea to use Kite and Lain formed when I thought about the similarities (to my untrained eyes, at least) in their art styles, and I realized I could definitely find footage that fit the song from those two shows, and that they’d blend well together.

    This is my first AMV, and I really want to thank all the people who wrote the guides hosted here, especially ErMaC, for making it so easy to get the footage I wanted into Premiere, and do stuff with/to it. I certainly tried out a variety of techniques & effects, and like to think I did a decent job of assembling a worthwhile video. Certainly, the experience of sitting down and trying to put everything together and make it work is an experience no guide can teach. In that respect, this video succeeded absolutely.

    I believe I avoided the worst of the newbie mistakes while creating this vid, and though I can still see little things I could spend another month fixing. I like the way it turned out, and don’t want to remake half of it. I think it might lose some of its “raw inspiration”, for lack of a better term. There’s only so much you can expect from a first effort, and honestly, I got more than a little burned out by the end, and felt VERY ready to move on.

    This video premiered at SugoiCon 2002, on October 18.


    Update: 03-18-05

    I have re-filtered and re-encoded this video from the master for better quality, compatibility, and smaller filesize.

    Update: 04-21-05

    I got the new encode up on local as well as my direct link. Both are the new, better looking version now.

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