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  • Member: snapxynith
  • Title: the Canyonero
  • Premiered: 2006-06-16
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    • Hank Williams Jr Canyonero
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  • Comments: This video took one year in production or should I say that it took one year of time between the start and finish date. I finished all the lyrics in one week but I was unable to think of something for the canyonero chorus. So I then left it by the wayside in storage personally happy with the result but unable to call it finished and set it up for distribution. Only now due to fervor from two of my buddies did I finally finish the other 90% of the video. All told resulting in less than four weeks of work.

    After finishing the AMV itself, I went to the titles. After making a shoddy set of 2D normal text titles I decided that I must make it better. Failing in the way of mimicing the Big O American logo I turned to another medium. 3D

    This lead to another week of work, the 3D titles were complete in all their bouncy and shiny glory. Two days taking up merely finishing the material work for the letter R. Which drove me batty because Max was being really testy about my application of the flat mirror reflection on the front face. In the end I merely had to go by the book, regardless of how "ambigguous" the book may be. Once the R was finished halfway through the animating period, the rest became cake.

    So I give to you the biggest Canyonero model in existance, the Big O.

    edit: AMA AMV contest '06: (Judge's Award), awesome. Give Joykiller the props he deserves.

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