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  • Member: OmniStrata
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: Only Faith Helps You
  • Premiered: 2006-05-12
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    • Groove Coverage The end
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  • Comments: If you've kept track of my journal, this is a personally dedicated video... I don't have much to say except 3 things...

    In my own eyes:

    1. This is my best artistic [abstract in most eyes] video I've ever produced.
    2. This is the best technical marvel I've ever made in terms of timing and my own definition.
    3. This is a video that I've made for my family, and myself... [so not intended to wow the crowds...]

    This covers the major story characters in Shamanic Princess in quite a bit of detail, some of it is gruesome. [watching yourself getting ripped in half during a dream is not my idea of fun...]

    The idea is somewhat chaotic and if you don't get it, you can go ahead and order Shamanic Princess for barely $12 or so these days. It's probably going to be the most beautiful 6 episodes you'll ever watch, especially for the price you pay... [thumbs up]

    I thank you for even reading this profile and if you leave an opinion, more blessings to you. Your thoughts are most appreciated...

    Also, this is the 2nd video I've attempted to lip synch. Be as brutal with it as you can. And yeah, I know it's only the ending but hey, it's something. Future vids or so I'll try to use more lip synching and practice this 'new' editing technique which I normally don't undergo.

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