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  • Member: Alternababe
  • Studio: Mad Laffter
  • Title: Rainy Day Conversation: D to Leila
  • Premiered: 2006-05-11
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  • Song:
    • Deadsy Teenage Wildlife (David Bowie cover)
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  • Comments: This is a quickie video, edited in about 10-15 hours between other projects. After making a 6min video from 3min of footage in my film class, & doing it in 5 hours, I figured making a 5min video with 2 hours of footage would be a piece of cake. It was! I learned so much about editing, I think I've improved greatly. This is my first full-length video in almost a year. The footage is from the downloaded version of VHD:B, but there are NO subs. Also, I've noticed that VHD:B is the fruitcake of amvs: 90% take the same scenes (the opening sequence, then the carriage-top fight between Mier & D) & put them to different music.

    My editing technique was different from any other video I made. This time, I wanted to make a lyric-sync video, with a clear plot, using a song whose lyrics I'd never paid attention to before, and only looking at one line at a time. I ended up changing a few scenes to keep the plot more consistent, but for the most part, I stuck to that challenge, and I do believe I passed it.

    What I did here is take an idea, that during a rainstorm, Leila & D are stuck together for shelter, & discuss their experiences. Also, I tried to give D a more human voice, and show his & Meir's pain & strength. I also wanted to show Leila's character, and the times that D told her to let go & just feel more.

    My favorite part of the video is near the end, with the intercuts between Charlotte & Leila. I believe it shows the last words Charlotte said to Meir, as she described being manipulated by Carmillla. I also like the part where Meir & D have their final confrontation, because I showed it in a different light than I've seen before. Enjoy!

    Side note: This song is by Deadsy, and they are covering David Bowie. The original lyrics are verbatim, however, Deadsy chose not to include the last verse. It's a little hard to hear the lyrics, so I've included them here.

    Well, how come you only want tomorrow
    With its promise of something hard to do
    A real life adventure worth more than pieces of gold
    Blue skies above & sun on your arms strength in your stride
    & hope in those squeaky clean eyes
    You'll get chilly receptions everywhere you go
    Blinded with desire - guess the season is on

    So you train by shadow boxing, search for the truth
    But it's all, but it's all used up
    Break open your million dollar weapon
    & push your luck, still you push, still you push your luck
    A broken nosed mogul are you
    1 of the new wave boys

    Same old thing in brand new drag
    Comes sweeping into view, oh-ooh
    As ugly as a teenage millionaire
    Pretending it's a whizz kid world
    You'll take me aside, & say
    "Well, David, what shall I do?
    They wait for me in the hallway"
    I'll say "Don't ask me, I don't know any hallways"
    But they move in numbers & they've got me in a corner
    I feel like a group of 1, no-no
    They can't do this to me
    I'm not some piece of teenage wildlife

    Those midwives to history put on their bloody robes
    The word is that the hunted one is out there on his own
    You're alone for maybe the last time
    & you breathe for a long time
    Then you howl like a wolf in a trap
    & you daren't look behind

    You fall to the ground like a leaf from the tree
    & look up 1 time @ that vast blue sky
    Scream out aloud as they shoot you down
    No no, I'm not a piece of teenage wildlife
    I'm not a piece of teenage wildlife

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