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  • Members: trythil, WTFansubs
  • Title: juXtaposition
  • Premiered: 2006-05-05
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    • Enomoto Atsuko Be My Angel
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  • Comments: [announcement thread:]

    WTFansubs Anime - juXtaposition
    X TV
    Atsuko Enomoto - Be My Angel


    This video probably isn't funny if you haven't seen X TV or Angelic Layer. If that's the case, you may not want to watch this.


    I had a pretty grand joke in mind involving a fake fansub studio named WTFansubs, but the joke was dependent on me uploading this video before ACen 2006.

    I didn't get around to doing that, so the joke fell apart. Oh well. I can upload this anyway, though.

    The video concept is obvious upon first viewing (unless you haven't satisfied the above condition, in which case it's probably just downright stupid. Even if you satisfy the condition, one could probably argue that it's still stupid. Meh.)

    This video was entered in ACen's Comedy category. Unfortunately, the existence of any comedic or parodic content in the video is entirely predicated on the viewer's anime history, so I don't know if that really makes it count as a comedy or parody. It's kind of a weird could-be-funny-if-you-know-the-backstory-and-absolutely-boring-if-you-don't thing. Therefore, I'm just going to check "other".


    Thanks to amvfreak and Dragosmore (of Triad/Shoujo-Anime/Onigiri/Hikari no Kiseki/too-many-others-to-list fame) for checking my translation. Also thanks to gambitt, Corran, Rozard, Moonlight Soldier, Koopiskeva, Nessephanie, and #AMV for watching this and offering suggestions, even though I was too lazy/stubborn/dumb to integrate a fair bit of them. Finally, special thanks to ErMaC for providing copies of the Japanese X TV opening (you know, the one with the cool credits), so that I could more faithfully recreate the X TV opening sequence in "fansub" mode.


    CCCP is probably the easiest way to get this playing. VLC may work, too.

    Turn on the subtitles if you want to understand the lyrics.

    I do not, and cannot, claim any ownership to this AMV. However, I encourage anyone who might be interested in redistributing, reworking, or really doing whatever to this video to do so. I won't do anything.

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