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  • Member: kikai_saigono
  • Studio: Dream Lovely
  • Title: Tribute to the Romance
  • Premiered: 2006-04-29
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    • Maaya Sakamoto Yubiwa
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  • Comments: Well, this is my first romance and slow-paced video. ^_^ My computer deleted the first version of this one and my other videos, but since I've re-made it, I think this version was better. It mainly focuses on the two major relationships (in my opinion) in Furuba: Yuki/Tohru/Kyo and Hatori/Kana. I hope you enjoy this. ^_^ I made this because my friend Daisy (I call her my "big brother" for funny reasons) requested for me to make a romantic amv for Fruits Basket. I used Windows Movie Maker for this video because frankly, I am too broke to use anything else. XD But I'll get better programs....hopefully. O_O

    Enjoy. ^_~

    Okay you guys, DON'T download this video. Download a newer one of mine instead, because this one is more or less like an experiment and it's BAD! Don't do it! >___< It's old, it's bad, the synch is off, the quality is all weird, and worse yet, I used WMM to make it!! So DON'T download it. DON'T do it. >

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