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  • Member: Ingow
  • Studio: Powerstorm Studios
  • Title: Herzwärts (Wird Es Still)
  • Premiered: 2006-04-28
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    • Natalie Imbruglia Honeycomb Child
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  • Comments: First off, I always wanted to do a video to this song. Yet, I never had the fitting source until recently. While browsing a anime suggestion forum I found a post about Angel's Egg and that it definately would be something deep in a more artistic way. So I took a look at it and the movie really didn't let me down.

    So I got to work to see if it would work with the song. Soon I realized that there wouldn't be much to do about lyric synch so I went all in with 100% on atmosphere. I spent about 5 days or so on this because I wasn't able to work on it like I do on my other 3-day-videos. It was harder to edit because it's not something that stuck together from the beginning, I had to think a lot about how I would synch things because the movie is very very calm, only 1h long and I was slowly running out of scenes. Now as it is I'm pretty pleased with the outcome though, actually I didn't believe it would work this good in some parts.

    The idea of the video is a visualization of the japan-style poem by Susanne Mette ( Everything in german, so you probably won't be too interested in this part. But I asure you that it's possible to enjoy the video without understanding the poem. And it would be impossible to translate, believe me. It's actually not even a real visualization since you can't really say "I'm using someone else's video and audio source to visualize a poem". That would suck, so it's more like the poem came to my mind at the exact moment when I thought of the main concept of the video. And when I look back at it and the finished outcome I still think that there's a connection between the two for me. It's how the video got it's german name. If you're wondering what it means, basically just something like "Heartwards (It's getting calm)" but it's pretty hard for me to see that as a good translation.

    The video itself turned out to be a Horrordrama. Yeah that's right, a Horrordrama. It's how I'd describe the category. Throughout the video you get to know the two main characters and follow them on their journey through the bizarre scenaries of the movie. I tried to distance myself from the gothic look of the source, not sure I was able to though. On the other hand I tried to keep the calmness and the sustained feeling of the movie. So you will need a lot of patience to watch this until the end. As on the ending I guess I have a favor for strange endings/outros. I could've ended it very nice and smoothly with the last tone of the main song, I just didn't. I wanted to rip the viewer out of the feeling of comfort that was building up in the entire video to remind of the fact that this movie isn't all that comfortable. There is no happy end. So why should there be one for you?

    Now on the source quality. The audio isn't the best but the movie actually was. It's just that uncompressed the XVid was 120MB big and I wanted to keep it small for you. The colors suffered from that since there are so much black and dark one's in the movie so that some fade's don't look as smoothly as they do in the original encode. So keep in mind that I just wanted you to have a comfortable download ;-)

    I hope someone will enjoy this, I have no idea how everyone is going to feel about this video. I can just say that it isn't rushed in any sort of way since I really love that song.

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