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  • Member: Greek Prince
  • Studio: DeStudio
  • Title: Love So Tender
  • Premiered: 2006-04-26
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  • Song:
    • Negative Secret Forgiveness
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  • Comments: Love So Tender - I got the name for this AMV halfway through editing it, it struck me as an original title and one that fits the video really well.

    I havenít made a video on my own thatís up to date with my skills in quite a while so this is a present for some of my fans to enjoy and to let everyone know this video was really fun to make because I love this song and enjoyed watching the vision of Escaflowne series.

    Making the video Ė To be perfectly honest this isnít the video that I tried the hardest on or put the most dedication and effort on because the song demanded I used some slow paced scenes to keep the meaning of this song a love video more than a fast paced action video with some love scenes.

    During the chorus I had to make the video intense but still keep the slow paced theme so I tried adding some effects that suited the video, were original and were in the right place at the right time. There arenít a lot of effects but just enough to match some timings and beats to the song.

    Storyline Ė Like I said before this should be a love video more than anything else but I had to have fight scenes as well, the fight scenes are all of Vawn and all of the clips are of Vawn fighting for Hitomi, I refrained from adding meaningless fights.

    This video starts off mostly with Vawn in his Gimeloth (Escaflowne) battling countless enemies to protect and save Hitomi and so during the fight scenes I tried adding some Hitomi parts to get the point across that the fight scenes are a key aspect to the video.

    During the slow parts of the video I tried adding some timing but not too much as it would not have looked like a love paced video, I only used fades and some white flashes in the beginning and end of each scene.

    Now in the chorus the theme of the video is kept the same by showing the love between Hitomi and Vawn and all that they have been through together, and it mostly shows how either Hitomi or Vawn care for each other.

    Overall Ė My personal view, this is a great video to watch especially for Escaflowne fans whether youíre into action, love, emotion videos this is the video to download and I hope that you wonít be disappointed.

    Technical points

    AMV Length: 4:10
    Video Codec: Divx
    Audio Codec: Lame MP3
    Resolution: 512x384
    File Size: 63.1MB

    Programs I used:

    Sony Vegas 6.0a


    Youíre my all
    I need you beside me
    Hurts too much to be apart.
    Oh how sweet but still so deceitful
    This life and love can be
    And I was the one who never wanted
    To let you know
    Wanted to let you know.

    As much as weíre in a love
    That seems so tender
    And more in love than
    We ever believed we could be in
    Now and forever, we finally surrender
    So we surrender now or never again

    Sweet and kind confusion inside me
    Needs to find out what Ďusí really means
    Canít believe how sweet and deceitful
    You and I, we both can be
    And I was the one who never
    Wanted to let you go.

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