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  • Member: Akizu
  • Studio: Windows Movie Maker
  • Title: I Wont See You Tonight, Part 1
  • Premiered: 2006-04-26
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    • Avenged Sevenfold I Won't See You Tonight Part I
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  • Comments: Ahhh! I FINALLY got this vid done..took me about 2 days x__X
    There were a few parts in the middle of the vid that just STRESSED me out so I kinda messed it up XD...oh well. I slaved through the rest of this vid just last night and I ended around four in the morning...but I was obviously too tired to post it at the time.. anywho, this video features one of my favorite animes that should be noticed more...Figure 17 ^___^
    Oh yeah and just for the note, 99% of this video contains the last let's say four episodes of the anime so through the whole videos is a LOT of spoilers, just so I don't tick anybody off just in case if they hate others spoiling the series XD

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