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  • Member: tandomgirl
  • Title: Mask
  • Premiered: 2006-04-24
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  • Song:
    • The Phantom Of the Opera Masqurade
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  • Comments: Now I’m finally done, or should I say “were’ finally done. It took me three whole months to make this video and I’m still not satisfied with it. But I guess it’ll have to do for now there is nothing else I can do. Ha my little sister and I made this one so if it confuses you then sorry when I came back to this video *without sis* I went a completely different direction with it, it was suppose to be all wolf’s rain but then I changed it but the theme is still there… I think it’s just showin how people hide be hind a mask ish well it was a really cool way sis said it… I just can’t remember it right now but I will… someday. Ah well she does not like it for now so until I revise it it’ll be on my account then when it’s made over look on bandhead *lil sis* she’s mad cuz I took her ideas out but ahh well tell me what you guys think of this one first then I’ll change it ish. Anyway I hope you guys like this bye

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