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  • Member: Aria Mournesong
  • Studio: Three-Star Studios
  • Title: Mai Otome Trailer
  • Premiered: 2006-04-21
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  • Song:
    • Yuki Kajiura Mezame
  • Anime:
  • Comments: General:
    This is my first serious attempt at an AMV for this year. After finishing Mai Otome, I had decided that it was a really awesome show and that if I was going to start an AMV it would be to that show. At first this AMV was a two-part song, but after the first wave of feedback it got cut to just the part that is shown in this final version. Overall I'm extremely proud of how it turned out so much like an actual movie trailer.

    Sound Notes:
    The voice additions that are in this trailer were not placed in the AMV with the clips. After the scenes/music was layed out I went back and individually harvested the sound clips and re-placed them back into the AMV.

    Also if you're a fan of Mai HiME you'll notice I used "Mezame" by Yuki Kaijura as the music for Mai Otome. I thought it was a fitting way to introduce the new series as a trailer, since it was the theme song for Mai HiME.

    Technical Notes:
    For such a short AMV this project took me a while to complete. Also the subtitles in the AMV were made by me.

    Total Work Time: 4 weeks
    Programs Used: Be Sweet GUI, Windows Movie Maker2, Adobe Premiere, AviSynth, VirtualDubMod, LameMP3
    Format of AMV: AVI, Xvid Codec, LameMP3

    Special Thanks:
    I have a lot of people to thank for helping me with this AMV. I seriously appreciate all the feedback and support you guys gave me in making this project.

    The UrbanDojo

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