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  • Member: p2njJJ
  • Title: Sayians Don't Turn Away
  • Premiered: 2006-04-19
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    • The Offspring Come out swinging
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  • Comments: thats right another AMV so soon but this ones better than the last sure it may be dbz which isnt that original... like the song... and the pointless action thing but if I may say, this is one kikass amv. seriously it is pretty good, i sent a bete to my cuz (Anime Addict DBZ) and he freakin' loved it, couldnt stop watchin. and I compressed it right this tim^.^ except for the filters>.> dont worry when i figure out the filters ill remaster anyway, if you linke effects, dl this amv. if you like action, dl this amv! if you like the song, DL THIS AMV! if you like dbz, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL READING?!

    btw opinions are always appreciated^.^

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