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  • Member: Infinity Squared
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Alice Spiel
  • Premiered: 2006-04-19
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  • Song:
    • Delta Goodrem Together We Are One
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    This is a result of me trying to unclog the mental block I've been suffering through for the past month. I know I have tonnes of projects I should be doing. I know there are heaps of school work demanding my attention. But for all this time, all I've been doing was procrastinating, feeling really lethargic and having no motivation.

    Now, I use the term mental block loosely because, as it is, I have way too much ideas to make. I just lacked the motivation. So what did I do? I shut myself off from the cause of my laziness. The Interweb. For a few days.

    I restricted myself to just checking emails, university websites and MSN. So no IRC, AIM, Skype. No web browsing and to that end, I temporarily deleted all of my bookmarks. I was desperate to get to doing something... anything.

    And as I came out of my hole, I have to say that that "anything" turned out rather better than I first expected... not great, but good... maybe...

    I don't see very many Rozen Maiden Traumend videos around here, least of all popular/good ones. So I chose that, even though my only sources were quite low quality (as you can probably tell, I did quite a bit of filtering to get this to the quality it's in now). I also chose to use this song, because I found it uplifting in the 2006 Commonwealth Games held here in Melbourne and I thought it was time I finally made a video to an Australian singer.

    Face value, I myself cannot make a full correlation between the song and the anime other than both involves struggle and tonnes of melodrama. So as much as there are action videos that rely on just action eye candy, the same goes here, in that I didn't really make it with any sense of purpose, other than trying to mix and mash scenes which seem to have a similar feeling to that part of the song at the time; drama eye candy. I think to fully appreciate this video, you would need to see the anime itself.

    A word of warning though... and I hope you read this far. This video is littered with spoilers. In a sense I tried to capture the most emotionally draining moments of the anime. I should have probably titled this "End of Rozen Maiden" (and by the way, Spiel is German for game/play).

    Anyway, I won't take up any more of your time. Just watch and enjoy already ;)


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