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  • Member: fal-79D37
  • Title: Unsynchronous Delirium
  • Premiered: 2005-05-24
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    • Ulver Silence Teaches You How To Sing
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  • Comments: Due to some unfortunate events (namely, hard drive failures) this video has been never finished. I didn't want to upload it. But beleive it or not, some people made me do it. Actually, I am still not doing all this. The guy who has been annoying me until I gave him my login and password is writing these lines, impersonating me. Seriously.
    Anyway, the vid was made pretty fast for a little contest @ Akross we called 'Vs Battle' about a year ago. Thus, some imperfection. But the impersonator guy thinks it's still too good to be wasted.
    Confused? I hope so.

    And here is the real author's tag note:

    The creator's thoughts - grim, cold, insane... coming real.

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