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  • Member: AthenAltena
  • Studio: Umi no Bara Productions
  • Title: Alone without Love
  • Premiered: 2006-04-16
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    • Frou Frou The Dumbing Down of Love
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  • Comments: Odd Story: The inspiration for this video actually came out the Utena director's commentary, when he remarked that the red used prominently in the film was used for effect because as he put it: "It's a very powerful color." Within my mind this became entertwined with an idea I'd had for another project that would involve dropping color out in different sections related to what the music was doing. One could argue that in Utena much of the world that the characters live in has been depleted and made into an illusion, and by diminshing or "dumbing down" the colors and then bringing them back in certain sections I attempted to recreate this feeling visually. Hence came this project.

    The story presented is basically that of the movie, though focusing only on Utena and Anthy (and Touga in one section). Utena and Anthy are presented as having been burned in the past by the men in their lives and hence have a "dumbed down" image of love. That is, until they find each other. It's in these sections when the color comes back strongly and the two of them are able to truly see the world and each other.

    The idea in this video visually was to focus on the negative space of the movie, or images where not much is happening visually along with the pauses in the music. I don't think this is what a typical Utena video looks like both in terms of the scenes chosen and the overall makeup of it. It ends not where the movie does, but leaves on a different note.

    This is in many ways an expiriment using a different type of editing than I usually employ, so feedback/comments/criticims would be welcome. I hope you enjoy this video.

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