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  • Member: Arcane Azmadi
  • Studio: Dizzy Samurai Studios
  • Title: Bloodstained Memory
  • Premiered: 2006-05-01
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    • Linkin Park Forgotten
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  • Comments: Arcane Azmadi: "Ye gods- not ANOTHER Linkin Park video?!"

    Welcome to the ONLY Forgotten/Noir AMV on the Amvorgs. Notice the anomaly in this? The two were practically MADE for each other, but to date, after all the literally thousands of Linkin Park AMVs that have been created, no-one has ever done this before, which is just plain bizarre.

    In any case, the problem with Linkin Park videos is that so many people make utterly crap ones that give them a bad rep. This is NOT one of them- Dizzy Samurai Studios have spent over half a year on this and it's a polished, high-quality piece of work- I personally guarantee it (whether you LIKE it or not is up to you, but you'd be a liar to say it's actually poor quality). Besides, Forgotten is one of the least overdone Linkin Park songs (only 89 entries on the database, only 54 of which have downloads, including all the crap Linkinball ones you can just ignore anyway).

    Anyway, about the video itself- we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you watch Noir before watching this AMV. It not only spoils practically every major twist in the plot (including the ending) but you really won't get half as much out of the AMV if you don't know the series. If you don't really care about spoilers you can actually work out quite a lot of Noir's plot just from the AMV ( my mother did, and she doesn't even watch anime) but we honestly don't recommend it.

    The primary thrust of the video centres around Mireille's past (as expressed in that damnable flashback that Beetrain reused every other episode) and Kirika's amnesiac search for the truth. And a whole lot of shooting people too. Note that we used the flashback in each chorus, revealing more details each time until we complete it at the end. It really ends up being a "Noir in 3 1/2 minutes" AMV, but it does a good job of summarising the series' major twists. We decided to disregard the Soldats (apart from Altena) and any other minor stories and focus on the four women, although Mireille and Kirika obviously took centre stage.

    This is also our most effects-heavy AMV to date, although it's still reasonably light on by conventional standards. We're getting better, and expect to see a fully-fledged FX-AMV from us before the end of the year.

    Special thanks to BlueTrain and Infinity Square for mid-production feedback and advice.

    I hope you enjoy BLOODSTAINED MEMORY.

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