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  • Member: Vancore
  • Studio: Vancore Studios
  • Title: Heaven's on the way
  • Premiered: 2002-09-29
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    • Bush Letting the Cables Sleep
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  • Comments: Seeing as this premiered at AWA 8 I might as well say something about it now.

    Anyway, this was the first idea that burned in my head for the longest time before I decided to make "The Wickity Wild West". Reason I didn't do this first is because I had no idea how to make AMV's and I wanted to make this one good. So I searched for another idea to train myself with and to attain the skills I would be needing to make this one. That happened to be "The Wickity Wild West" which turned out far better then I had previously thought the final version would be. The same happened to this one.

    The video "Heaven's on the way" is mainly about the relationship between Misato, Shinji and Shinji's father Gendo. The lyrics of the song match up to these three remarkably well and the story elements in the AMV never stray from these central characters. There's only one other character that shows up in the video but only near the end of it. There is lots of lip syncing to put emphesis on whats going on, used like a dialog between the three main characters, and the digital effects included are mainly masking effects with some stutters. I'm proud of what I accomplished using the masking effects, not many video's inlcude them and now I know why. I also shortened the song, but I doubt it'll be noticed.. not that your supposed to notice it or anything :)

    I guess I can't really say much more about it, not sure how it did in the AWA Exposition but I'm pretty sure I'll find out in a few days. Needles to say I was happy with the result and I hope people enjoyed it, even if it was on the sad side.

    -Travis R Mancour

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