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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: Electric Leech Productions
  • Title: Pretty Fly (For a Mega-Playboy)
  • Premiered: 2006-03-31
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    • Offspring Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
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  • Comments: Pretty Fly (For a Mega-Playboy) currently takes the cake for the video with the longest time between start and completion- a record previously held, I believe, by Dark Metropolis (though it will likely be surpassed by at least one thing I plan on having done for my '10th Anniversary' DVD). I started editing it back in early summer of 2005, though the initial song/anime pairing was thought up several years prior by my now ex-wife. However time constraints for other videos and a difficulty in finding the right kinds of footage for it led me to set the project aside indefinitely- however as I had an external drive set aside for expressly things like this, I archived all of the files except the actual DVD .vob files, and was easily able to pick back up where I left off after re-ripping the DNA^2 DVDs. I picked the project back up when with a very short amount of time before the deadline it was looking like Tekkoshocon was not going to have enough comedy entries for a balanced contest, so it was resurrected and completed in roughly a week's time.

    Unfortunately, without knowing at least a bit about Junta and DNA^2 in general, the video likely isn't as funny as it would be with that knowledge. I also had a bear of a time finishing it up, as unfortunately for my purposes the show gets more serious and less silly and funny fairly quickly, making me work more for finding scenes I wanted than I might have otherwise. The time constraints also led to my not really polishing it as much as I would potentially have been able to do- in particular I would have liked to have done some tweaking such that I could have the 'Rikki Lake' scenes on screen for longer so they actually had time to sink in- as it was, they go by rather fast without the comedic 'beat' necessary for people to be able to read and have them sink in. Actually, making those screens- or at least the titles for them- was more difficult than I would have expected, as it took me quite a while to come up with a screen-shot from the Rikki Lake Show to use to recreate the 'title bar' that many talk-shows use.

    I also decided to make custom CD covers for the two artists mentioned using characters in the show. I wish I had been able to have them on screen for longer as well, since they're kind of amusing too. I kind of cheated on the whole tatoo thing as well- though I was happy with how it turned out in the end. Especially since it let me play with text effects a bit in AfterEffects. Yes, I enjoy working with text too much.

    All in all though, especially for how quickly I pulled it together, I'm pretty happy with how the video ended up. Apparently I'm not alone in liking it either, as it took the 2nd place prize in the Comedy category in Tekkoshocon 2006 (3rd place in comedy overall- 1st place was also Best in Show, so the category awards there rolled down to the next-placed videos)

    Note: I used the 'spoiler' flag for the source since technically I do use spoilerish footage- but the odds of it spoiling the show for someone who hasn't seen it before is pretty darn low.

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