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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: Electric Leech Productions
  • Title: Hello Cinderella
  • Premiered: 2006-03-31
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    • Warner Brothers Catwoman Teaser Trailer
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  • Comments: Hello Cinderella is a fairly short (teaser-length) trailer that ended up rather far from what I originally intended it to be when I started working on it. Quite honestly, the entire reason I decided to do the trailer was because I wanted to play around with replicating a text effect that was present in the original Catwoman teaser trailer that I used the audio from (the 'unfolding' of the title from the cats-eye symbol). Why exactly I latched onto the idea of doing it using Hello Kitty I don't remember 100%, though it had in part to do with the fact that I'd gotten a Hello Kitty DVD for free with one of the ADV orders I had made a ways back.

    The original idea was to do what I typically do with trailers- to try and replicate the scenes of the original trailer as closely as possible. Unfortunately after working on it for a while, I quickly found that this simply wasn't possible for the fact there was next to no action in either the free HK DVD I had or even in the Hello Kitty Cinderella Mini-DVD (though it obviously had more). Additionally, there was the problem that outside of the Cinderella 'episode', Hello Kitty's sister (Mimi, I think) is in pretty much every shot that HK is in. It just became quite obvious that doing what I had really wanted to just wasn't going to fly with the sources I had chosen. But, I already had it started and didn't want to totally shift to something different. So I eventually settled on the idea of using the audio to make a trailer for Hello Kitty Cinderella itself- it had a decent bit of action, and it ended up that I was able to find fairly good audio matches for most of the cues in the trailer audio. I ended up having to adapt (and greatly simplify) the text effect considerbly- basically I got lazy and didn't feel like animating the Hello Kitty face unfolding and just used it to uncover the title screen.

    Hello Cinderella premiered at the 2006 Tekkoshocon AMV contest

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