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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: Divine Illusion Productions
  • Title: Reaching for Stars
  • Premiered: 2006-04-03
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    • Action
    • Character Profile
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Other
  • Song:
    • YeLLOW Generation Tobira no Mukou e
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  • Participation:
    • AniZona, AniZona AMV Contest (2006-04-14)
    • Matsuricon, Matsuricon 2006 AMV Contest (2006-04-22)
    • Anime Central, Anime Music Video Contest (2006-05-06)
    • Otafest 2006, Otafest 2006 - AMV Contest (2006-05-22)
    • Anime Boston 2006, Anime Boston 2006 AMV Contest (2006-05-26)
    • Anime North 2006, Anime North 2006 Anime Music Video Competition (2006-05-26)
    • A-Kon 17, A-Kon 17 Experts Anime Music Video Contest (2006-06-09)
  • Comments: ~~Won Best Action/Upbeat at Matsuricon!!~~
    ~~Best Fun/Upbeat at A-kon 17 experts!!~~


    My Kaleido track for the JJ Mep !

    Actually, I made it into a full vid because it was addicting... finished it like last week or before, mainly for Acen (and whatever other con was due the same day lol)... and now I can upload it! Whee!

    This video doesn't have much point it's just.. shiny.. if you're lookin for a story, you probably won't find it here, heh.. This mainly focuses on Sora and Layla and their struggles, but I threw in a few other characters... cause they're kewl... XD

    Thanks to everyone who beta-ed this!! YOU ROCK!!! XD

    I think I spent more time compressing this than editing it... ^^; lol... Yeah... Can't think of anything else to say, so enjoy.....

    Oh, as for lyrics... they don't really have much to do with the vid lol... this is mostly mood sync... but if you want them here ! It's the FMA second ending, my fave one XD There's some lyric sync actually but... you won't notice it anyway =P

    There is a .wmv file for whoever has codec problems. The dl speed is much slower, and the ql is muuuucchhh lower. I prefer you download the .avi, Though if you're too lazy to download a ~3meg codec, then sure... download a 55 meg file at 60 kbs and get low quality, you know, whatever =P It'll get deleted if it's inactive for 30 days, so if you want it, keep it alive... If it dies tell me, I might put it back up.... maybe.... but yea, dl the avi!

    SO ENJOY!!!!
    And please leave an opinion!!!



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