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  • Member: Jayn_Newell
  • Title: Stay with me
  • Premiered: 2006-04-03
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    • Nickelback breathe
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  • Comments: I would kill for a copy of Final Cut Pro right about now. I had the opportunity to see it used in pro hands recently, and absolutely drooled. But then, I'd have to buy a Mac to use it :/

    This video isn't perfectly polished--some random frames crept their way into some of the cuts*, and while I was able to clean it up a bit before a final render, I really don't feel like fighting with WMM any more to fix what's left. However, that said, for the first time ever (no comments on this, please) I'm working from DVD footage. For that reason, this is one of my "I have an idea! But first..." kind of videos--I originally wanted to do a GitS:SAC video, but some of my DVDs were lent out when I decided that. So meanwhile, I planned a video with another DVD I have. It took a while to figure out how to turn it into something WMM would recognise (I spent 2 1/2 hours on an encode at one point, my computer utterly unusable for half of that--only to find WMM doesn't support the file-type). However, in the end I'm glad I did it--FINALLY! No more subtitles!

    Anyways, this video is mostly action, but there is a vein of a plot to it. Nothing that should spoil the movie though. So Appleseed lovers, rejoice!

    I've uploaded a new version of the file. The aspect ratio is fixed, and I've removed the stray frames, although there's one or two new ones. Hurray for WMM bugginess :/ (I forgot to remove them until after I was done encoding, and I can only fight with the software so much before giving in) I've also applied a smoothing filter, so the video quality is better than before.

    *Actually found out why, it's not bugginess so much as the way WMM works. Still glad I'm rid of it, this was the least of my problems with the program.

    Participation: Won Runner-up for Best Action at Archon 2006

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