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  • Member: Heero_Yuy84
  • Title: LABORS
  • Premiered: 2006-04-03
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    • Inner Circle, The Bad Boys (Theme from COPS)
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  • Comments: First off, I'd like to say I'm amazed no one had tried this concept before, given how well it works.

    That said, the concept, as stated above, is pretty's the original Patlabor OVA (and thus, a bit lighter in terms of some of its subject matter compared to the movies...although it's interesting to note that you can actually see some blueprint of stories similar to those later used for Movie II and WXIII.) set up as a parody on the opening to the series COPS.

    That said, the process for making this vid was kind of an odd one.
    First, there was the fact my initial attempts to find the TV edit for this song yielded results of varied quality...and frankly, not exactly up to part for use in an AMV really.

    With this in mind, I instead opted to hunt down a full version of the song ('Bad Boys' by Inner Circle) and, with much trial and error in Goldwave, create the edit myself. Overall, for someone who, to this point, had next to no experience with audio editing, I'd say it turned out well...

    Next came the video source. Not having a DVD-rom at full access at the time, I decided to take a slightly roundabout (...if needlessly elaborate, in retrospect, approach to this...not exactly going to be taking this route in the future) using HJSplit, I broke down the VOBs to burn to CD-R and work from on my own computer. In and of itself, the idea seemed to work...
    ...however, when I got to actually making the vid, I was annoyed to find the CDs with the VOBs for episodes 1 and 7 didn't work.
    Given these were two of the more 'police action' heavy episodes, this annoyed me quite a bit...but, at the same time, it also gave me a chance to look at the other episodes and see what I could do (outside of 1 and 7, the only episode I immediately knew I'd be using scenes from would be the botched hostage situation in the beginning of episode 4.) To this end, I was surprised to find myself using quite a bit of the two-part 'SV2's Longest Day' (this surprised me since, in my initial plan for this vid, it was going to be a bit goofier and more of a comedy video...with a review of this two-parter, the final video, while posessing humorous moments, is actually more of an action-oriented product than I had figured it would be...this isn't meant in a bad way...I'm actually pretty glad to have finally had a chance to cut my teeth on some action now...but that's more for another day.)

    That said, hopefully you guys will get some enjoyment out of this...

    and a big thanks to Scintilla for providing the announcer VO at the end of the video

    Also thanks to Kaji and Nick for beta-viewing this, and a thanks to John for helping with converting this to send in to AnimeBoston ( let's just hope it's accepted there.)

    Update: Through some act of God, the Devil, Cthulhu, or some other cosmic power (...sorry, I get way too much mileage taking shots at my own work) LABORS made it into the finals for 'Fun/Upbeat/Other' vids...personally, that still surprises me (esp. since the competition were some damned good opponents, I feel no shame in having been beaten, if anything, still glad got that far.)

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