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  • Member: loveanime18
  • Studio: Anime Frenzy Maniac Studios
  • Title: Reikai Tentai World
  • Premiered: 2006-03-29
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    • Avril Lavigne My World
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  • Comments: Another AMV for just the YuYu-Gang
    You just gotta love YYH
    If you couldn't tell by now YYH is my fav anime
    and if you are one of those people though... that's kinda sad
    I mean look at my AMVs they're like all YYH... scary ain't it?

    Anyway I've been working on this AMV for a while I mean a long while
    I planned out making this AMV like back when I started making AMVs andI just never really could get to it until well awhile ago and well just kept working at it bit by bit... very small bits but hey what can ya do?

    Anyway I first actually heard this song not by owning the Avril Lavigne's first album, but by actually one of the first AMVs I ever saw which was actually on DA (deviantArt) and I was like: O.O I like this song. It was to Yu-Gi-Oh! and the more I watched and listened the more I got into it... I guess you can really consider that the AMV to get me into well making AMVs. Well as time passed I was still watching the AMV and that's when it hit me I could make a YYH one to it. So I guess you can see where this was going. Thus this was actually the first actual AMV I ever thought of doing and yet I made a bit more over 20 before I actually got around to finishing it. It's kinda sad once you think about it... or at least when I think about it.

    All in all I'm pleased of how this AMV came out and I like watching it.
    I find it enjoyable to watch but not all of you will and I know it. I actually wonder after finishing an AMV everytime how many people are actually going to hate this AMV I made? Of course I ahrdly get any response to my AMVs and the ones I do get are all positive so it always proabavly will remain a mystery for me. Wonderful ain't it?

    Also about this AMV I did some lip sync and it may be a bit off
    but you can see I tried to do a little humor sort of thing to who is syncing with the words such as their is one part of the song where brushing hair is mentioned after getting out of the shower and I put Kurama to that... you know it's funny. I love Kurama's long red hair. I find it one of his best features ^_^ Also I have the lip sync go with personalitly also. Such as when their are parts in the song when it says something about be alone I had Hiei to that.

    Well I hope you enoy my AMV

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