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  • Member: loveanime18
  • Studio: Anime Frenzy Maniac Studios
  • Title: Hiei Wasn't *Remastered*
  • Premiered: 2006-03-29
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    • Avril Lavigne He wasn't
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  • Comments: Hiya guys
    I have another Remastered AMV
    this time for my first AMV that I made
    which was a Hiei detication

    So I loved making this AMV the first time around and with a few new tricks of making AMVs from when I started I think this should be pretty good
    I personally loved making this AMV and always will

    I spent quite a bit of time on this remastered version
    so I do hope you guys enjoy it

    Anyway there's not much to actually say about this AMV
    My influence for this AMV like my last one was my best friend, queen_of_crisis
    the AMV is pretty much in the POV of an OC based on a YYH fanfic we write together which is on quizilla

    So how about we consider this a detication to my best friend, queen_of_crisis ^_^

    Format - wmv
    Filesize 53.5 MB
    Duration 3:42

    Eqiupment Used:
    -Windows Movie Maker (that's probably never gonna change)

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