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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: A Pharaoh's Regrets
  • Premiered: 2006-03-28
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  • Song:
    • Daniel Bedingfield Never Gonna Leave Your Side
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  • Comments: Made with Windows Movie Maker.

    Yeah I know, another YGO vid. I can't help but to love the show.

    WARNING: Has yaoi themes (boy/boy love.) Don't watch if you are sensitive about that kind of thing.

    Yaoi Pairing: Yugi x Atemu

    Sorry about the clips reverting back to blurry, but I really didn't feel like capturing new clips.

    Okay, I know the lyrics say 'girl' in it, but I really saw this being sung by Atem to Yugi and how he regrets betraying him. There's one part in the vid that I put fake subtitles in. You'll see what I mean. But even if you aren't that in yaoi pairings you'll like it because it's really sweet, I wasn't into it either and then I finally got used to it. Yugi/Atem are such a cute couple :)

    Anywho, this is mt first yaoi vid so any feedback is greatly apreciated, and opinions are apreciated even more. Thanks. But go easy on the capture score ;)

    Quick Comments:
    2006-09-24 01:26:55 Aww it was sweet ^-^
    2006-07-22 01:05:24 The clips and meaning were so awesome (I'm a yaoi fan) but they didn't always just match with the beat or go with the close...but no kiss LOL~
    2006-07-14 14:41:38 Yaoi. That was just odd. I suppose if the song was talking about a man it would fit. That was painful once I figured out what it was. Evafan was right, read the notes first. Aside from this, lacking video quality, good story, stay away from Yugi. U-U
    2006-05-11 22:01:40 OMG...*faint* This was so awesome and sad. Why don't they have angst as a category? Cuz this is what this is along with the fluffy romance. I love them as a couple lol!

    YouTube Comments:
    1. okay........ here's a tip.... it's a good vid....but...... Yami and Seto definately need to be paired up.......... it's the best couple in the world right there....
    2. oh yeah another yamixyuugi video! i love these two though ryouxbakura and marikxmalik are my fav. great amv!!! go puzleshiping!!
    3.I like your video! Its so sweet how Yami is asking for forgiveness! Make more AMV like these they are great! Oh and if you can make a Seto and Yami one that will be great!
    4.omg that is so sad *crys* great vid though *adds to faves* xxx
    6. :( Aw...
    7.*cries* Aww, it was so sweet!!
    8. Awesome video!
    9.Aww, I felt so bad for Yugi when Atemu left. v.v Curses, why couldn't Atemu stay and Anzu could take his place?..Yeah, that would be a major blow to the plot, but it'd make me happy. ^_^; 5/5

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