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  • Member: blaku92
  • Studio: Blaku Keendai Productions
  • Title: When Dildos Attack 2
  • Premiered: 2006-03-27
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    • Blaku Keendai and Friends When Dildos Attack part 2
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  • Comments: This is Blaku Keendai's Second installment of the "When Dildos Attack" series. With an even more hilarious and rediculous story-line based on completely random wackiness, you're definitely in for a treat. This episode stars the new voice of Kyle Allen of Bring it Down Productions, and the beloved talents of Krivin Dontanai. This video is not intended for children. If you are a fan of DBZ despite it's horrible plots and show artwork, you may enjoy this even more. Let me make one thing clear: THIS ISN'T A LIP-SYNC PRODUCTION. I don't want complaints that the lips don't perfectly match up--it is a fanDUB not a fanSUB. No skips occur in this vid and it is more cleaned up for your viewing pleasure. Apparently Funimation can't make DVD's and I was just too lazy to fix it last time. With all of this in mind I hope you enjoy this great vid.

    -blaku keendai

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