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  • Member: Aria Mournesong
  • Studio: Three-Star Studios
  • Title: Naruto: Promo Project
  • Premiered: 2006-03-24
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  • Song:
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Serenata (Choir)
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  • Comments: This was created in July 2005.

    It a small, practice project I did right before I made the Diclonius to psyche me up for it. Amazingly after all this time I keep watching it and each time I get drawn into how well it was made. So I finally uploaded it up to uhm that's about it really.

    Originally this was done in Windows Movie Maker 2, but I converted it into a Xvid AVI through AviSynth2.5.

    Enjoy watching it, I always do.

    PS: If you enjoy this AMV take a look at the Macross Teaser Trailer as well.

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