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  • Member: kiarrens
  • Studio: Tech Girl Productions
  • Title: Hate to Live my Life
  • Premiered: 2006-03-21
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  • Song:
    • Sonata Arctica The Power of One
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  • Comments: This video came about mainly because the FMA movie finally came out and I've wanted to do an FMA AMV to this song for quite some time. I'm sorry to say that it's my second to last FMA vid, though... the popularity of the show is making it so that coming up with original concepts is practically impossible.

    The original version of this song is 11 minutes long and is by a Fininsh metal band - which I find interesting due to the song's shifts from instrumental (almost classical) into metal and back again. Because the singer is foreign not all of the lyrics make perfect sense... but here are the ones I used in the song.

    Father I have killed many angels,
    I think I will now walk in the sea.
    I hope you will someday forgive me
    Please moor my empty boat on a pier

    I get blamed for the blue blood
    that runs in my veins.
    But I seem to forget that we are all the same.

    In your own blaze of hate you've spawned
    a fear in many lifes
    You've taken action thinking it was all said on the winds
    You cannot heal the feeling burning deep
    inside your spine
    You now collapse, cave in
    revealing scabby marks of life

    Mother I've seen too much, I hate to live my life.
    Forgot every word you told me, stubborn little child, (angel of your life)
    I have to find my Eden now, the gates I left behind.
    But the pain will remain.
    No power to gain.

    Now I have time to dwell on, self awareness, dreadful pride.
    I saw the colors too bright, not knowing that I was blind.
    I slayed a man who took a chance and drank the forbidden wine.
    The map I draw reveals that I have been complete, machine, in team.

    Father I've seen too much,

    I hate to live my life.

    Forgot every word you told me,

    stubborn little child, (angel of your life)
    I have to find my Eden now,

    the gates I left behind.
    The pain will remain.
    No power to gain.

    Mother where's your son.
    When has this begun?
    Who has been the fool?

    No one was born to be a servant or a slave.
    Who you tell me the color of the rain?
    In the world that we live on, the lies said and done
    They can well overrun
    the power of one.

    Some of the things I spent the most time on in this video are things you're probably not even going to notice. For example, in the very first scene where you see Roy in the rain, I went through frame by frame in that pan up and closed his mouth - he was chatting away about something. Stuff like that. The piano keys took awhile, as did the "I saw the colors too bright, not knowing that I was blind" part, but the greatest challenge in this video was the amount of filtration I pu the footage through. This is the first time I've worked with footage so extensively in an attempt to clean it up both pre and post export. Most of the footage is DVD footage, all the eps that have been released so far, anyway... the others and the movie were obviously taken from fansubs. At one point towards the end I removed all those little #s that makes AVS ignore filters, then opened premiere only to find that I'de forgotten to put in the YUV alteration in AVS, and as a result about half of my clips were transformed into nice little 10 second clips. I had to go back in and re-import them all and redo all the footage that was erased on the timeline - which was about 7/10th of it. Fun times.

    Regardless, this video actually gave me less trouble than a lot of mine tend to do. I was thinking about submitting it to AnimeBoston but given DOKool's submission this year I opted not to. The general concept is that of Ed and the horrors he has been forced to see in his lifetime - more than anyone in one lifetime has a right to see.

    I particularly liked how the scene with Ed and Al in the rain, and Winry comes up with the umbrella, turned out. I guess that'd be my favorite part of the video. A lot of transparencies and blur effects were used, along with a few crossfade dissolves and a lot of black and white. The lip syncing with Ed in the begining was edited frame by frame in photoshop.

    Again, the song it over 11 minutes long so I made 3 cuts: I shortened the beginning rainfall, cut a section out of the middle, and cut a bunch off the end. ^^ The end is kind of abrupt and if I hadn't been planning it for AB I would have made it longer, but overall I'm ok with how it came out.


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