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  • Member: princess myu
  • Title: bad bishonen's of anime (fixed)
  • Premiered: 2004-09-18
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    • Michael Jackson Beat It
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  • Comments: that last one cut off download this one

    This video is one of my better ones. After a long time, I actually had transitions and effects (yay!) but what I really like is that there were SOOO MANY BISHOUNENS! But, ;_; not enough time to glomp them all! (If you notice, at the end of the vid, that quote is there, but I was in a rush and misspelled it, not noticing until after bad...). Well I ain't fixin' it. Deal with it. I might come out with a Bishoujo and maybe even a Sebutsu one...but only if requested. You'll see in some of my videos I call myself Sailor Earth, but my studio name is Rose Studios shared by me and my bro and sis.
    Okay, bye!

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