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  • Member: Cornwiggle
  • Title: Kuwabara's the Man!
  • Premiered: 2006-03-21
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    • 3 Doors Down Ticket to Heaven
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  • Comments: I've been watching YYH again from the beginning when I saw a fight that really got me.

    Kuwabara vs. Risho, on average it's a normal fight, no this shows Kuwabara's genuine personality and the lengths he's willing to go through to help his team out. I had to make a video about that.

    This video isn't ABOUT Kuwabara vs Risho, rather it's about Kuwabara's determination in anything he does, and this fight really shows it best.

    I hope you enjoy it, Kuwabara fans will probably enjoy it. And the song really goes with Kuwabara I think, so enjoy. :D Took me a couple of days to make it.

    I tried some lip-synching in this vid, and it's pretty good, not the best but it works well enough.
    That's probably my favorite part of this video, Risho's synch "When everything is said and done you won't have one thing left".

    Hahaha. :D

    And if you have a know already >_>

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