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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: Pretty Green Eyes: A Tribute to Sakura
  • Premiered: 2006-03-19
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    • Ultrabeat pretty green eyes
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  • Comments: Made with Windows Movie Maker

    OMG...this song fits Sakura so well! Because she is the cutest little girl with the pretty green eyes.
    Actually this song fits her WAY better than my other choice of Excel from Excel Saga. Yeah, Sakura WAS a better choice. And, since a viewer of mine really enjoys Cardcaptor Sakura, I decided to dedicate this video to him. Just to show my appreciation for people who give me opinions like he has been doing ;)

    This is dedicated to Spenceinspace. Check out his videos, they are real works of art. I hope all the other viewers out there enjoy the video...and the clearness of the clips thanks to my new software!

    WARNING: May contain spoilers. Especially if you never watched the first episode of CCS. I use a LOT from that ep, so might be some spoilers. I don't use any clips past the first season though. It's basically Sakura from the VERY beginning to when she mets Yue for the first time. Since Spence and I love Yue, I just had to put him in there somewhere. Hope you like it.

    All comments are welcome. That is all.

    Quick Comments:
    2006-12-20 01:07:49 Quality is pretty good compared to other CCS videos. Would have liked to see some better sync with the music. The video was also very shakey but I can forgive that since it's an old video. I say, remaster with a more flushed out concept and it'll work.
    2006-08-04 07:07:12 LOVE IT LOVE IT SOOO MUCH THANK YOU!!!
    2006-07-14 13:24:07 Good quality capture. Song title was appropriate for the Sakura's eye color but that was it. You are finding your footing from here, continue on. U-U
    2006-06-11 20:32:06 The song works perfecly on her!! The images you chose were so-so!!
    2006-05-22 11:49:17 Love this AMV but of course Love Sakura too

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