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  • Member: Rurounikeitaro
  • Studio: Video game
  • Title: Love's Destination
  • Premiered: 2006-03-19
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    • Little By Little Home Town
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  • Comments: Here it is, my first shoujo for the past 2 years and I'm happy with the way it turned out :)

    Love's Destination is an AMV about the destination of love........okay. Here comes the better explanation. In this AMV I show the whole story of the anime Suzuka "basically watch out if you were planning on watching this show" in order throughout the AMV. This anime was just so amazing different from other shoujos in my opinion that it captured me and become my favorite shoujo. Forced me to make an AMV of it too.

    Love's Destination is, what I would say, different from a normal love AMV. First off, I think I did a little too many effects than I had originally planned. I was going to make this AMV nice and smooth but ended up putting in alot of effects and even for the fist time headed into Adobe AE for some of them. The story of the show is also very twisty turny and unpredictable which led me to go "WTF!!" multiple, multiple times. Oh, yeah, some people may not understand the story of the AMV or show so here it is in quick explanation:

    Story of Love's Destination:

    -Dude "Yamato Akitsuki" moves into an apartment with his aunt and sees this really hot girl "Suzuka" doing track and is like "OMG!! She's so bangin!!"

    -He meets her the next day and she hates him cause she's a bitch, or that's what it seems. They soon become friends around ep 4 to 6

    -She asks him to this parade that he wanted to ask her to but he was also a bitch "as in gay, or shy....not litterally know what I mean dammit!" At the end of the parade they are holding hands and he asks her and she says "....I can't, we just met each other"

    -He cries like a bitch and is sad until this other girl "Hashiba" kisses him and he ends up going out with this other girl.

    -Suzuka becomes slightly jelous and Yamato and Suzuka become friends again and hang out and stuff. Hashiba finds this out and dumps Yamato saying he still likes Suzuka so Yamato then goes after Suzuka again.

    -Yamato asks Suzuka out again where she yells at him this time and runs away. He runs after her, finds her, and kisses her where she then slaps the shit out of him about 6 times as my friend always says.

    -She then realizes that she likes him and ends up going out with him on the last episode.

    -She didn't want to go out with him because she liked this guy that died 2 years ago and he even died the day after he asked Suzuka out but told her to think about her decision after he became first place in track the next day, which he died rushing to get to "the track field". Yamato joined track just to be near Suzuka, looked liked the guy who died, and was super good and told Suzuka he wanted to be the number 1 runner which was looking possible.

    Suzuka: My favorite shoujo of all time. The anime has related to me soooo many times in soooo many ways that I felt the anime Suzuka needed an AMV that would live up to how much I care for it. OH!! I have some retarded examples of how the show relates to me, wanna read!??! "If not, just download the AMV".

    ~Okay, I wanted to get closer to this girl and said to my friend "Hmmm....If only I was still in highschool I could join track so I can see Cinny more often...." Friend says "OMG Rich, wtf do you think this is? Suzuka?!" Me - "......OMG!! OMG!! I...I...I...Holy SHIT!!" Laughs uncontrollably with some tears as people in the Target store look at me funny and slowly move away.~

    ~Then, I had the girl angry at me, she even said "Pepito! [that's what the girls call me, he he] I never want to see your face again!" Then I wanted to say sorry and looked for advice many places especially from my friend Gil who said "Time changes everything, soon she will forgive, but now may be the time to tell her you like her if you really do...." So as I went to the school to say sorry to her, she hugged me imediately like if she was never angry. I then gave her a card saying "I'm sorry, please forgive me" on it and she liked it alot.....crazy thing is.....the card that said "Your the wasabi on my sushi" was also in the bag!! [Yes, that card was soooo gay!! lol!!] She tried to open it and grabbed it as we struggle for possesion of it until she said "If you don't give this to me, I'll be angry at you again" That's when I said ".....If she reads the card, she'll know my true feelings, but if she doesn't, I can be close to her like this.....forever" .......So I snatched the card, ripped it up, even took a bite out of it and stuffed it down a lunch room garbage "A little different from Suzuka, ha ha, actually the opposite, lol!"

    There are more examples like......actually, F the examples, just try watching my AMV. Please let me know what you think in a comment or opinion if possible as I need to know what people think about my shoujo-ish side of AMV's. I hope you'll like it!

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