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  • Member: Jabawock
  • Title: Iwakura Lain. Her Case.
  • Premiered: 2006-03-18
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    • Blut Aus Nord Inner Metal Cage
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  • Comments: So, this is my first AMV....

    I hope you all see where I took the concept from, so I won't detail it here.

    About the music: yes, it's weird and all, but I realy like it. Also I needed something that wouldn't distract the viewer from the video itself, but that wouldn't be too much of a background song. It gives something to the whole atmosphere of the video too. I've chosen to synch the scenes to the guitar, and ignore the drum line completely. It may seem a strange choice, I don't really have a good reason for it, it came naturally when I begun editing, and I also think guitars, rather than drums, are more important in this song (and maybe even on the whole album).
    You'll maybe notice there's some (not much) repeated footage, but that's intentional, even if as I'm writing this I wonder if it wasn't a bad idea...

    Also, I don't claim to be a Serial Exeriments Lain expert, so this character profile isn't probably fitting the series perfectly. It shouldn't be too far away though.

    The quality is on the low side I guess, but I'm still satisfied with the result. I hope synching problems won't occur.

    thank's to those who'll watch it, and maybe like it ^^

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