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  • Member: Cornwiggle
  • Title: Kimishima's Memory Remix
  • Premiered: 2006-03-14
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    • Trapt Waiting
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  • Comments: Well, all of you familiar with me should know my first video, Kimishima's Memory. Out of all the videos I've ever made this one had my FAVORITE idea ever. But it was my FIRST vid, and the execution was really poor. I have never seen any other vids about Kimishima's impact on Kazuma so I wanted to do it again, this time right.

    This time, it came out exactly like I had intended it to. I'm in no way insulting my first video, no, if you haven't seen it, I will suggest you take a look. For those of you who liked the first one, I'm more than sure you will also like this one, if not even more.

    Again, this vid is about the same thing, so it contains huge spoilers...

    Favorite part of vid: 1:40-2:20
    Least: Not really anything.

    And just letting you know this is NOT a character profile to Kimishima, rather it shows the aftermath of his death on Kazuma and the Lost Ground. Hence the name "Kimishima's Memory" and thus in this video he only appears as a memory.

    Enjoy, and tell me what you think. ^_^

    ....if you have a soul that is.

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