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  • Member: _Akuma_
  • Studio: Akuma Productions
  • Title: Akira - No Leaf Clover *REMASTERED*
  • Premiered: 2002-09-14
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    • Metallica No Leaf Clover
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  • Comments: =====ok before i start this video profile i want to make one thing clear right here and now! THERE IS NO OTHER VERSION TO THIS SONG! THERE IS ONLY, I REPEAT, ONLY THE LIVE VERSION, THATS IT!====

    plus 1 other thing, u must have the XviD codec to be able to watch this video. (if u dont have it, go to and download it or if u dont want to go through that trouble, then contact me through AIM and if my router doesnt stop me, ill send my mpeg-1 version)

    alright everyone, here it is. i promised to remaster this video after my first version came out and i have kept my word.
    whats better about the Remaster then the original?
    my original's main problem was the video quality. i was able to aquire DVD quality footage last new years while watching a friend's dog and with the help of the XviD codec, i was able to shapen the quality alot.
    the sound quality from the original may sound alright, but if u listen to the actual song on the CD then the audio from my video, u can see a very big difference. the quality was complete crap in the original and was one of the things i worried about the most. i was able to clean it up big time and enhance the sound quality many times over!
    my editing skillz have improved much more ever since the original came out and i took that to my advantage and even developed a shit load more skillz in the process. i have leard how to do many different effects and motion ability (such madness).
    in the original, ppl put N/A in my reviews for effects and after going back and watching it a few times and since i have a better knowlege about AMV's, i totaly agree. so i put in ALOT of effects but not too many or else it just messes up the mood of the video. the hardest effect i used in this video was the motion ability syncing it to guitar riffs. the guitar solo is about 25 secs long and it took me about 6 hours to get it synced and matched just the way i wanted it to. it may not be perfect like "Shameless Rock Video" but i think its an preaty good attempt for a first try.
    in the original, u can clearly see that some clips are far to long. so, i made it so that every clip i used wasent to long but also not to short (depending on the music). the cuts are alot more cleaner and more precises whitch enabled me to enhace the syncing of the music to the clips. u will notice that alot of the clips i used are the exact same as the original and thats also another reason i needed to shorten the clips that were too long. i added in clips i didnt even think to use the first time *smacks head* and synced them alot better then b4.

    i took every single review that ppl wrote me from the original and took every word into consideration as to what ppl did and didnt like about the video's. so for those of you that did review my original, thank you very much. this video couldnt have came out as good as it did if it wasent for your inputs. and for those of you who have seen the original and those who even hated it, i encourage u to watch the Remaster b/c i find it to be much more superior to my original by far.

    A Special Thanx goes out to AbsoluteDestiny (Ian Roberts) for all of the help that he provided me with in this video whitch included the success of the guitar solo and the motion effect used, helping me encode this video with what we think is the best codec on earth, XviD and for his valuable input on this video as well. This video would not have been possible without the help of AD. Thank you very much ^_^

    Enjoy the video and thanx for taknig the time to download this video ^_^
    reviews are always welcome ^_-

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