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  • Member: Froilan
  • Title: FF - Memory
  • Premiered: 2006-03-07
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    • Sugarcult Memory
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    okay, so my new video is up.. FINALLY.

    I know Iīve said now a couple of times that Iīm about to do my last FFX video.
    But that doesnīt seem to happen.. not anytime soon anyways.
    I started this weekend to make about three FF7AC videos.. but those didnīt came out the way I wanted them to.
    And, then I heard sugarcultīs memory.. and I listened to it a couple of times and I felt that I just HAD to do a video with THAT song with THIS footage.
    But gah, I kinda feel as if Iīm doing the same sh't every damn time I finish one of my FFX videos.
    I tried to make this one pretty different, and I think I actually succeded on that point.

    Weeell.. not much to tell about this video.
    Itīs kinda tributing, and I tried not to dig too deep into the whole story behind FFX/FFX-2, since ya people already know that story inside and out.
    I dont know what it is really.. happy, sad.. and well.. tributing.
    One of my better FFX/FFX-2 videos (but now I do say that all the time).

    You have no idea how much time I spent on this.. or how many times I felt like throwing the computer out of the window, strangle something or ripping my hair off while making this.
    I synced this one almost as much as I did in behind these hazel eyes, and thatīs really exhausting using the video making program that Iīm using.
    Anyway, when I had forced myself through this video I was done.. and I think it came out exactly right.

    Yeah, one mistake though.. for some reason a FF7AC clip sneaked in during the beginning of this video.
    Dont ask me how that happened.
    So, when seeing that (if you know your way with FFX footage and have seen FF7AC you are gonna notice it), please just ignore it.. itīs one little clip, not even about two seconds long, so please dont complain about it.
    I really didnīt have the energy or the time to fix that, since I had a REALLY hard time just saving the video (it messed up about 5 times, so I had to start the saving over again about 6 times.. ugh).
    And no, I dont steal footage from other peopleīs vids, the footage Iīm using is my own and my own only, so thatīs not how the AC clip got there either.

    anyway, Iīm not gonna keep you any longer.
    And, yet again, if you like/dislike this video, then please let me know.
    It hasnīt hurt anyone to write an opinion.. it doesnīt even have to be long!
    Itīs just great getting feedback on your work.
    Not forcing anyone though!

    Download AMWīs tilīyour heartīs content!
    And, please excuse my bad english, I hope you understands me anyway.

    A local link for this video is now up.
    Happy downloading!

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