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  • Member: Songbird21
  • Title: Foxman Begins
  • Premiered: 2006-03-05
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    • batman begins trailer audio
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  • Comments: Awards won: Tekkoshocon- Best Trailer (Thank you SO much!!! *bounces*), Anime Boston- Best fun/upbeat/other *Squeels*

    Warning!! If you haven't seen up to the end of episode 133 this vid contains MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

    This is a fan-trailer using the soundtrack of a trailer for Batman Begins and footage from Naruto. Obviously, Naruto is "Foxman".

    Lipsynch: Just one spot with Jiraiya. Looks good to me, but barely worth mentioning.

    Concept and exicution: I had been looking for a trailer to use for a fan-trailer for a long time; then I found the Batman trailer by accident and immediately thought of Naruto. Keep an ear/eye out for sound FX matches. I took quite a while making sure they matched.

    FX- Lot's of stuff you prolly wouldn't notice unless I told you or you've memorized the anime REALLY well. I'm only gonna mention the less noticeable stuff:

    00:07-I tried to use the slow motion here but it looked terriblely jerky so I took each movement and faded it inot the next. Made it look much smoother.

    00:17- Added the Kyuubi flame to Naruto's eye.

    00:22- Replaced Sandaime with Yondaime so Yondaime could play Naruto's father (I think he really is Naruto's dad, but that's a debate for the forums ^_~ ).

    00:60- This part drove me nuts! I spent nearly a week trying to find someone backing up while looking scared and yelling. It figures that what I needed was in the first ep the whole time. Now, the effect comes in 2 ways here. Naruto was added to the scene [i]and[/i] I had to add the motion blur effect to him frame-by-frame, which took nearly a half hour each because of the multiple steps it took to achieve the desired effect.

    01:05-*cough* I made the logo and words for this and the end credit plate. I think they turned out okay, but due to computer problems I was limited in my choice of photo editors, so I could quite get the effect I wanted.

    I hope you guys enjoy this vid. And please review. Even if the review is short, it still makes me happy. And I always reply when someone reviews my vids (Even if it takes a while sometimes). Sometimes you might even get a review in return. :)

    ~Ja na,

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