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  • Member: Ayanefan
  • Studio: Anna-Maeve Studios
  • Title: Skuld Vs Urd - Video Game Challenge
  • Premiered: 2006-03-04
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  • Song:
    • Run DMC It's Like That
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  • Comments: I would like to first of all thank the 3 people on the ORG that have helped me through my first AMV:


    Girls, without you I would have probably quit in December. Thank you for your patience, encouragement and knowhow.

    I first thought of making an AMV when I was looking around for it over the internet and found a few clips here and there but they were all Linkin-Ball videos and I got pretty tired of those pretty fast. I then stumbled on the first video that would make me decide to make an AMV: Kevin Caldwell's - Engel. I first saw that and I couldn't get myself to stop watching, it is amazing still. The way he put the video together made it look like an amazing action flick really got to me.

    I then started searching for more resources on the Net for AMVs, then I stumbled upon, I looked around and downloaded Sierra Lorna's - In my Mind... I was gobsmacked! I couldn't believe the quality and the simple beauty of the video, the way the characters come in from the back and the multiple streams of overlapping videos that, if you look in the background, almost all appear to be a 2nd storyline of the same AMV.

    It was a huge wake-up call for me, I just had to get a good video out. So, I stopped looking for a while and then I watched some more Anime and hence I found the most fun Anime I could think of for myself. The results are within.

    I suppose this video came to be when I first saw the Adventures of Mini Goddess; That is the offshoot of Oh! My Goddess. Mini Goddess is a series of short 8 minute clips that are very funny and really cute. When I saw the rivalry between Skuld and Urd, and saw that Skuld likes video cames (as she is a techie goddess), the first song that came to mind was Run DMC Vs Jason Nevins because of their video (a challenge). That, I thought was perfect.

    I never worked with Premiere and didn't know what I was doing at first, but with the help of EADFAG , Premiere books and lots of help with members of, I pushed on. I started this project back around September of 2005, thinking at the time that this would be a great first video.... Oh but I didn't anticipate all the work. After dealing with Premiere crashing and at the very end, last encoding of the AMV, the project file became corrupt and useless (good thing Premiere autosaves), I was lucky to have finished at all.

    I hope you all enjoy this as my first attempt to dish out a fun video. I really want to learn more and get lots of ideas so PLEASE, don't be afraid to be candid and honest with your opinions, I would love to have your reactions, likes and dislikes of this and all my future videos.

    Thank you all, and thank you again to the 3 Goddesses of the ORG (Dax, Rina and Jubby).

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