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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: A Montage truly from HELL!!!!
  • Premiered: 2006-03-04
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Jamelia Superstar
    • Linkin Park Numb
    • POD Guitarras de Amor
    • prince of Egypt Deliever Us
    • prince of Egypt The Plagues
    • Raven Symone SuperNatural
    • Shakira Objection
    • Stevie Wonder Misrepresented People
    • System of a Down Chopsuey
    • The Prince of Egypt The Burning Bush
    • Timbaland and Magoo Drop
    • White Stripes Seven Nation Army
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Made with Windows Movie Maker

    Oh God...if AMV Hell was hell...then I don't even want to know what this is!

    This a random montage that will probably go down as the worst anime montage ever. But, I'll let you be the true judge of that.

    If you feel the need to, leave an opinion or a quick comment. And no, not on how crappy the video is, I already know that. In fact, I did it on purpose -_-' Instead of this being the AMV's that should never have been made, this WHOLE thing shouldn't have been made

    Welcome to the REAL hell!!!

    This is probably absolutely pointless, but here is a list of the songs, the artist that performs them, and the anime it's paired with:

    1. Intro theme: Guitarras de Amor
    2. Supernatural by Raven-Symone. Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!
    3. Drop by Timbaland and Magoo. Anime: Inuyasha
    4. Seven Nation Army by White Stripes. Anime: Azumanga Daioh
    5. Objection (Tango) by Shakira. Anime: Ranma 1/2
    6. Misrepresented People by Stevie Wonder. Anime: Naruto
    7. Deliever Us from the Prince of Egypt OST. Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!
    8. Numb by Linkin Park. Anime: Sailor Moon
    9. The Plagues from the Prince of Egypt OST. Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!
    10. Superstar by Jamelia. Anime: Final Fantasy X-2
    11. Chop Suey by System of a Down. Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura (Yue)
    12. End theme: The Burning Bush from the Prince of Egypt OST

    Quick Comments:
    2007-07-26 09:31:14 i love these videos!!!
    2007-04-13 01:52:10 delivered as promised
    2007-02-24 05:37:01 I saw even worser AMVs ;-)
    2006-11-09 08:25:07 The name says it all. Terribly made and still I LOVE IT! you have a lot of great works out there!
    2006-10-23 08:20:20 crap
    2006-09-25 01:24:45 I liked it alot thanks for the laughs.
    2006-09-16 07:52:40 I always thought
    2006-07-14 16:36:27 I don't know if you need a negative star rating because it was so bad or a high rating because you actually delivered what you promised. I'm now confused. ;-) U-U Oh, and I don't know if I left my U-U sig on the "big boys" or not, if not then U-U
    2006-07-07 19:45:17 Wasn't that bad. Fairly amusing actually.
    2006-05-16 14:19:39 It's horrible, but that's the joke
    2006-03-06 22:12:20 Dude, that sucked! Ok parts were alright, but a sucky video is not something to be proud of
    2006-03-06 22:27:23 wasnt crappy enough, you didnt have subtitles

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