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  • Member: Takefuji
  • Studio: ReVeRsEd Studios
  • Title: The Truth Inside (I Won't Give In)
  • Premiered: 2006-02-28
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  • Song:
    • Within Temptation Stand My Ground
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  • Comments: Overused movie.

    Overused song.

    Overused concept.

    But we all know that's why you're here.

    I've only recently added myself into the Final Fantasy Fandom, after watching Advent Children when it first was available. And fell in love. So there will be a few more AC videos from me in the future.

    This video profiles Cloud through the AC movie, full of angst and inner turmoil the way we like it. Cloud knows that he has to confront the enemies and troubles that lay ahead of him, but is he really sure that he can face them? He's lost two of the people he cares most for, and hasn't really let go. So he's taken it upon himself to fight the big battles and stronger enemies than before, to protect those he still loves. But Cloud needs to realize that he's not alone in this fight, that he can let others help him, and it takes some convincing from his friends that he isn't the only one fighting.


    Programs used:

    DVD Decrypter
    Video Explosion Deluxe 1.5

    Video is compressed with XviD, you will need the proper codec to watch it.

    Audio was ripped from Within Temptation's Stand my Ground music video, so the beginning is different from the CD version.

    ~+ Lyrics +~

    I can see, when you stay low nothing happens
    does it feel right ?

    Late at night, things I thought I put behind me
    haunt my mind

    I just know there's no escape
    now once it sets its eyes on you
    but I won't run, have to stare it in the eye

    Stand my ground, I won't give in
    no more denying, I got to face it
    won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside
    if I don't make it, someone else will
    stand my ground

    It's all around, getting stronger, coming closer
    into my world

    I can feel that it's time for me to face it
    can I take it?

    Though this might just be the ending
    of the life I held so dear
    but I won't run, there's no turning back from here

    All I know for sure is I'm trying
    I will always stand my ground

    Stand my ground, I won't give in (I won't give in)
    I won't give up (I won't give up)
    no more denying, I got to face it
    won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside
    if I dont make it, someone else will


    Definitely one of my better works ^.^ Hope you all enjoy!

    And everybody ignore the typo in the filename >.< Not like there's much to do about it now.

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