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  • Member: jdcotta
  • Title: Toki
  • Premiered: 2006-03-01
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    • Keating, Ronan When you say nothing at all
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    Hey All,

    Well its been quite a long break since I was active here on so long in that none of my previous posts on the Forums exist (guess there was a change at some point).

    Anyway, here's my latest vid:

    Tilte: Toki
    Music: Ronan Keeting - When You Say Nothing At All
    Source: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

    I actually worked on this vid quite some time ago and was going to list it on the ORG, but I ended up moving down to San Francisco from Oregon.... and never got back around to working on an optimized encode. When I finally tried to go back and do so, some of the files that I was using were bugged (your guess is as good as mine on how). Sooooooo, I figured I might as well list the best encode that I had - a ginormous 100mb file (SORRY!).

    I tried to do my best to highlight the romantic relationship between Aki and Grey, and feel that with my limited skills the vid didn't turn out all that bad.

    My biggest gripe was that throughout the whole freakin movie, hardly anyone smiles!!! But, I guess that's fitting for a movie where the world is nearly wiped out. It just didn't help when I was trying to match scenes to the chorus (... the SMILE on your face lets me know that you need me... ). Doh!

    In any event, I hope that at least someone out there enjoys the vid (may even get one or two opinions Wink ).

    And if you happen to dislike it, please do point out things that you didn't like... or if you just absolutely hate it like none other, well, I'm pretty good at taking a good flaming =)



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