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  • Member: Katrina
  • Studio: Katrina's Forest
  • Title: Alchemist Man
  • Premiered: 2006-02-17
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    • They Might be Giants Particle Man
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  • Comments: "Particle man, particle man, doing the things a particle can..." Okay, who *doesn't* think of Ed Elric when they hear that?

    This was a funny concept I had in my mind when I heard the song, even though I knew I was probably not the first person to think of it. However, before anyone says I "stole" their idea, I'd like to say that I did not search for or download any AMVs to this song until I was done. I think it shows, because I picked some very different characters.

    Very soon after this video was off to Katsucon, my hard drive crashed, taking the AMV with it. Luckily, my computer is old and doesn't have a DVD burner and I had to move the 1.2 GB uncompressed AVI that Katsucon requested to my fiance's computer to create a DVD. He kindly did not delete the file and I was able to convert it to a more reasonable size for downloading. The negative of this - some parts look pixelated. So please be generous when considering the "video quality" rating, especially if you got to see the AMV at Katsucon in its original state. I managed to save some videos from this project so hopefully I will be able to restore it eventually. (It won't be while I'm student teaching, I can tell you that much.)

    So for those who saw this at Katsucon and wondered where it was the past week, I'm sorry. I hope you enjoy. There is both an MPEG version on and a DivX version on my site. Take your pick. If you're going to my site, click "Videos" from the top menu to see the list. Alchemist Man is right on top. Right click, save as, blah.. blah..

    Any feedback is apprecaited. Thanks!

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