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  • Member: PKGINGO
  • Title: I need Your Love
  • Premiered: 2006-02-14
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    • Puffy Ami Yumi Your Love is a Drug
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  • Comments: He he! This was done for my sweetheart Alex just in time for Valentine's Day. I feel it's the perfect combination of being fun and romantic all at the same time making it an ideal video for a fairly recent couple. This video in particular is special because it's by Puffy Ami Yumi. Why is this special? Because that was our first date, a Puffy Ami Yumi concert! It was so much fun and the song really fits the mood of the relationship. Anyone looking for something just cute and fun with a dash of romance should find this video a perfect cure for a pick me up. At the end Shuichi presents song lyrics that he wrote, for Yuki to review. This is a significant icon for the video and you probably won't understand unless you have seen the series. Don't complain about it not fitting if you haven't seen the series is all I'm saying. Barring that, ENJOY THE GOODIES!

    For maximum enjoyment, please view using mplayer CVS as of febuary 28th 2006 or later on *nix environments.

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